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Sweet Justice has provided our good friends at Epic Games with a slew of audio goodies for Fortnite: Chapter 2. Including weapons, characters, vehicles, events and more!


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Does your project need a healthy dose of Sweet Justice?

Then step on up! Established in 2014, we’re a motley gang of audio production anti-heroes who joined together to fight against the forces of generic, run-of-the-mill audio design. And we’re doing it with our own patented formula that combines state-of-the-art sound sorcery with our own sweet, fresh style that keeps our clients coming back for more. That’s the reason we’ve worked on some of the biggest AAA titles and the most refreshing indie projects, and have collaborated with the best development teams in the world.

Founded by a team of folk who are no strangers to the industry, we have worked in studios large and small, from the big AAA game studios to the little a’s. We know what it’s like to work in the trenches and on the frontline, which is why our experience is unmatched.

It also doesn’t hurt that we work hard to cultivate close working relationships with our clients. Not “borrowing their car for the weekend” close, that’d be overdoing it. Close enough so that we’re effectively an extension of our clients’ audio team and can deliver on their vision in the best way possible. Get in touch and stand out








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Our Ethos

Why spend our creative existence pushing to drive and evolve the audio experience? Because we’re in awe of the power of sound. It can fill you with joy, set your pulse racing, rip out your heart, literally shake the room, and transport you to wondrous new worlds. We’re obsessed with creating new techniques and venturing into uncharted territory. Considering what sound is capable of, can you blame us?

Besides, Sweet Justice is formed from a hand-picked group of game and film industry veterans with a combined knowledge of over a century of experience, so you know we’re in it for the long haul. Each team member has mastered their craft and developed their own personal style that translates into a standout audio design for every project, every time. And we’re ready to go the extra distance it takes to bring your project the unique, signature sound it needs to soar.

The games and brands we work with are not only beloved by fans worldwide, but also by ourselves. We use sound to help create meaningful connections and experiences to these titles, we craft experiences we’d like to hear as fans. We are passionate about the industry and its output, and we help push it forward.


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The Team

What do you get when you combine an ex-police officer, a vintage American car dealer, an Ed Sheeran lookalike, a black belt in Krav Maga, a mountain climber, a MacGyver, a Viking who isn’t really into the pillaging thing, and a melt-your-face-off axe hero? Either the ensemble cast for the best heist movie ever or our team of audio auteurs at Sweet Justice Sound.



What Have We Been

Up to?

Our mission is to help bring the unique vision of our clients to life. The goal: to guide the audience on an adventure in sound. Why not join us and see where we’ve travelled recently? Hold on to your hats, it’s gonna be a wild ride!


We continued our great relationship with NetherRealm Studios and Warner Bros by providing them with sound design and surround mix work for all the cinematics in the Mortal Kombat 11 Storymode. With over 3 and half hours of cinematics, it was no small feat! We also providing their audio team with additional in game sound design support, making those punches smack and those spines rip!


Sweet Justice were embedded into Microsoft Studios audio team for Crackdown 3, providing sound design, implementation and consultation on all the weapons in the game, including explosions, projectiles and all things BOOM! Using a mixture of middleware and proprietary technology, we were able to make the choir of weapons sing!

Along with this, we provided sound design and 7.1 surround mix for all the cinematics in the title.



What does Sweet Justice sound like? Like nothing that’s been cooked up before, and that’s by design. It’s the unique flavour that you only get from something that’s truly state of the art.

We’ve laid out a smorgasbord of soundbites from our freshest projects for you to feast your hungry ears on. There are enough scrumptious dishes here to satisfy even the fussiest of appetites, but if you can’t find something that’s exactly to your taste, then get in touch. Our sonic sous-chefs have a wide range of experience and have been developing wildly creative, groundbreaking recipes for ages. We’re sure to find something to delight your gourmet palate.




By now you’ve sampled some of the delicious entrees we’ve cooked up at Sweet Justice. You may be wondering if we could offer a quick menu of what tasty services we provide. We’d be happy to oblige.


Sound Design

We make every sound from scratch, from only the finest of organic free-range ingredients, the majority ethically sourced from our own recordings. We do this for all projects and record most of the source material ourselves. Teams can be sure that they're not only getting the best sound design, they're also getting fresh unique content. Not something warmed up from last week.



We work closely with studio programmers to design and help develop unique playback and audio processing systems that tie directly into the existing systems. Couple that with our extensive experience in a wide range of game engines and audio middleware and it should be no surprise that we can make the code stand up and dance. And we happily give back to the game audio world by regularly sharing our ones and zeros with the community.

And don’t worry if your company’s in Timbuktu. We have substantial experience with working remotely. Of course, we’re also happy to be on site - it gives us an excuse to leave the Hall of Sweet Justice and get some fresh air.



We’ve earned the reputation of creating some of the finest sounding cinematics in gaming. Truth be told, we may have a *slight* advantage: our close collaborators and team members have worked in all facets of sound, including on the largest blockbuster Hollywood movies (cue multiple explosions).

We provide full cinematic sound design, editing, and mixing in multiple formats. If your game needs audio for cinematics of any length, whether in-engine or pre-rendered, we can make them shine.


Virtual Reality

We’ve been working with VR since the dawn of time: back when massive headsets and power gloves ruled the earth. We’ve since put the technology through its paces, moving from creating VR demos for companies in those first experimental years to working on major projects with clients such as 20th Century Fox on blockbuster movie tie-in VR experiences. And we’ve helped them set-up immersive VR Installations around the world.

The reality is that we have a tonne of experience, nothing virtual about it.



We’ve spent decades of our lives fighting on the front lines of the game industry, perfecting our sound-fu on AAA and independent projects alike. Always searching for the next challenge, we’ve made waves: and not just sound waves. We’ve been nominated for and received more awards for sound design, direction, and mixing than you can shake a reasonably sized stick at.


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We are always interested in connecting with talented individuals who share a passion for making great audio.

If that’s you, send us an email with your CV and examples of your work.



We’ve had our fingers in all manner of audio pies. Which ones, you may ask? Feast your eyes on these.

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