Battlefield 1


We are extremely excited to announce that Sweet Justice had the enormous pleasure of providing EA DICE with sound design and 5.1 mixes for the cinematics of the single player campaign for the studio’s major title “Battlefield 1”. Thanks to the fantastic audio team at EA DICE for having us back again and for their constant inspiration and collaboration on this amazing project. A tremendous team effort and one we are all extremely proud of.

You can check out the intro cinematic here –

Audio Back to The Future (Looking back at 2008)


During the fine year of 2008 (7 years ago!) , I wrote an article about audio production in games – an informal step by step that I gave as a talk to Develop that year. With Develop being on this year at this time, I thought it’d be the perfect time to share the notes I wrote for the talk that have never been seen before! Even though it’s quite old – it still holds up well I think! So.. here we go! Back to The Futu.. (I’ll stop before we get sued).
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