Sweet Justice is an interactive audio production studio founded by industry veterans.
We take the time to get to know our clients and their projects.

Based in the South of England, we have many decades of experience on the
frontline of the games industry. We have won multiple awards for our work within interactive audio.


  • Chris Sweetman
    Chris Sweetman
  • Samuel Justice
    Samuel Justice
  • Eilam
    Eilam Hoffman
  • Stefan Rutherford
    Stefan Rutherford
  • Mike
    Michael Benzie
  • Joe
    Joe Hudson
  • Sam
    Sam Hughes


sound design

We create everything from scratch for all your projects and record most of our source material ourselves, so you can be assured that you’re not only getting the best sound design, you’re also getting unique content.

You’ll have heard the Wilhelm Scream – or this eagle sound – in lots of movies and games. Just recognising an overused sound like that is enough to break your player’s immersion. Our work is tailor-made per project, and provides the title with an audio identity that makes it stand out.




We have extensive experience in a wide range of game engines and audio middleware, including Frostbite, Unreal, CryEngine, Unity, FMOD, Wwise and Fabric. Our whole team have a deep understanding of the development process, and we have in-house knowledge of scripting and coding. This means we’re able to offer full audio implementation – we don’t just create the sounds, we’ll put them in to your game.

We’ve also worked closely with studio programmers to design and help develop unique playback and audio processing systems including automated foley, bespoke weapon audio, dynamic weather and much more.

We’re experienced in working remotely, connecting over secure networks to work directly on projects via Perforce, Git and SVN. We’re also happy to be on site, assisting developers and consulting with audio teams.




We provide full cinematic sound design, editing, and mixing in stereo and full surround 5.1 or 7.1.

We have close ties to the UK’s film and TV industries, and our team members have worked on blockbuster movies such as Gravity, Everest, Captain Phillips, Fury and Dredd.

If your game needs audio for cinematics of any length, whether in-engine, pre-rendered, or video, we can handle it.



vr audio

Virtual Reality might seem like new technology, but at Sweet Justice we’ve been working with it for a few years and are highly experienced in VR audio.

We’ve created audio tech demo’s for companies such as TwoBigEars (Facebook Inc.). We’ve worked on VR demos such as Bullet Train for Epic Games and have consulted with a number of game studios about how best to handle audio for VR.

We are one of the most experienced teams when it comes to VR audio for games.



We know how important communication is, particularly during critical periods of a games’ development. If required, we’re able to embed ourselves as part of your development team, communicating directly with designers, programmers and artists to work out specifics that would be too time-costly to do via a single point of contact.


We use Pro Tools, Nuendo and Reaper, and if working directly with your audio team we’re able to deliver sessions, rendered files and any relevant materials. If working directly with developers, but not implementing ourselves, we deliver rendered files through a secure FTP server. If a specific or unique format is needed, we’ll work closely with you to make sure you have everything your team needs.


Marketing – Great marketing is an art form, as is great sound design for ads and commercials. Working together with marketing teams is extremely rewarding, and creating audio for marketing campaigns is an even bigger creative reward. Our aim is to create the best audio in the world and we understand how important marketing audio is.

conceptual audio

Conceptual Audio – We’ve worked with a number of developers on conceptual audio during the preproduction phase – audio that isn’t necessarily final, but has a polished, high quality feel to it that allows developers to get an understanding of how their game might sound.


Dialogue – We are able to organise, manage and direct voiceover performances. Not only onsite, but also we are capable of using technology that allows us to have real time connections to other studios that enables us to record and direct VO anywhere in the world.


Consultation – We’ve advised on sound design, implementation, audio systems design and just general networking. We’ve visited directly and had many video meetings with audio teams across the globe. We love meeting other passionate audio folk who work in the games industry – it’s one of our favourite parts of the job.



We could ramble on all day about why you should use us for your next title and what we could bring to the table, but instead, take a look at what others think.